There's a serious lack of feminine diversity in stock photography, and I'd love for you to be part of this awesome journey.

We are looking for women photographers to let the world know that being feminine doesn't mean everything is bubblegum pink.


As with most stock photo sites, we set fairly high standards - not all photos will be approved for posting to the main site. We look for photos that document something useful or are artistically interesting; as such, they should be well composed and well exposed.
  • Photos that contain recognizable people must be model released. You are not currently required to upload the model release form, but you must have it on file and be able to provide it on request.
  • Images cannot contain copyrighted materials, such at works of art, corporate logos, or other copyrighted designs (unless you own the copyright.) So no logos or brand names - these should be Photoshopped out prior to upload.
  • Photos that are blurry or over/underexposed are not good candidates for posting.
  • The Images should be at least 2400 x 1600 (or 1600 x 2400) in JPEG at Medium (5 - 7) quality on photoshop to get a file sized between 250kb and 2mb.
  • If your images are much smaller than 2400x1600, DON'T SCALE THEM UP! These images may not be good candidates for posting.
Do you have lovely photos sitting in your hard drive? Contribute to Feminine Stock!
  By submitting you agree to our Terms & Conditions. If approved, we will showcase your name and website on each image and on photographer's page + a 50% affiliate commission By submitting your work at Feminine Stock you’ll be able to reach new potential customers and creative partners.