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Finding quality images that speak to You, your business, and reflect authentic femininity.


I get the struggle

You have a hard time trying to find the right photo that depicts 'normal' women in everyday situations, which are not overused.

You die to find images that are both feminine, strong and stylish without playing to stereotypes.

You are more than pink flowers, lipstick, or heels.

You want to see women of different ethnicities, ages, social status, and professions- more diversity.

Having stock images made for your brand is not that hard and with your help, we can make this possible!

Can you imagine having stock images that are relevant to your business and match your brand?

By joining Feminine Stock you won't need to go anywhere else.

Feminine Stock is an elegant stock photography site for women entrepreneurs, innovative professionals, and bloggers, who need feminine images that reflect their unique tastes and brand.

As a female business owner, you are already aware of just how important it is to appeal to your ideal target and potential clients the moment they check out your website. You recognize the relevance and advantages of using sharp, professional and elegant images on your site and on social media.

Unfortunately, the possibilities of coming across stock images that are feminine, chic and designed to promote your brand are closer than you could ever imagine, to zero.

Our collection of fashioned stock photographs were designed purely with the consideration of the woman businessperson.

At Feminine Stock, we recognize and understand that you would like to incorporate an impression of class, style and instant glam to your online visibility and presence. Our images are equally elegant and fashionable in addition to being quite inexpensive.

On top of all this, our images are all of a high resolution, which allows you to make use of them as compact Instagram photos or larger website headers, without the possibility of any drawback. You could also take advantage of these images to attractively portray the quality and ingenuity of the beautiful work you do.

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join today

You will be able to access a big selection of photos whenever you need them once you become a member of the Feminine Stock library. You could make use of our stockpile as your resource while you are crafting images for your social media, branding your website, when you require a picture for a website article or blog post, or perhaps when you desire an impressive appearance for your online shop or merchandise.

The benefits of joining Feminine Stock

The creation of Feminine Stock is to enable you to effortlessly incorporate an impression of appeal and elegance to your online work at an affordable rate whenever you are prepared to develop a powerful brand.

There are a number of advantages to becoming a member of the Feminine Stock Photography Library, these include;

+20 New Premium Images Every Month

High-quality and lovely scenes, all inside the awesome premium's area. You get instantaneous unlimited access to the entire stock photography library in addition to the capability of downloading whatever quantity of images you might need.

access to all the images + awesome exclusive content

Because we do not sell images elsewhere, our members get exclusive access to the photos in our library. Plus, with the addition of new images to the stock library practically every month, consistency in the availability of new exciting images is guaranteed for members.

The right to vote on next month's theme

You will be able to choose the theme AND colour palette every month, this way I can cater to the majority of brands.

Diversity & Variety

My priority is to create a lot of images that are diverse and are not stereotypical. Photos that you won't find anyone else.

Creating and developing an unmistakable and impressive brand

Since our images are structured into assortments, it enables your effortless browsing, exploration, motivation, and branding. You will merely have to choose the particular image you would like to download and at a click, begin the process of re-branding your website.

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That's less than $1 per image.

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You might have tried to find chic, and stylish stock images that appeal and speak to you as a woman entrepreneur, but every image you found seemed so stale, boring or just old school. You might also be assured of your photographic skills, but unless you actually are a professional photographer, and you are able to spend the time it takes to create the impressive photos, your attempts might end up doing you more harm than good. And this is why we are here for you.

Lovely words from lovely members

I love how beautiful and high quality the stock photos are and how easy it is to access and download them all. I've had a hard time with regular stock photo sites. They were very generic, sometimes low quality, and didn't stand out to me. Feminine Stock really listens to their audience and creates stock photos based on what WE need rather than generic photos for anyone and everyone to use. So I feel like these stock photos are unique and special just for us to use on our beautiful websites 😉 It's also really exciting to be able to pick what theme we get next.
I love the versatility of the photos. I can use them for business related content, personal content, or frilly fluff posts.Don't bother with the other overpriced stock photo sites. Feminine Stock has what you need, and I guarantee you will find it within 3 minutes of browsing the site.

I love that the images appeal to women without being girly. They are bright, modern and clean, and not all pink! The site is easy to navigate. What Maria has done is incredible. Such a simple idea and the fact that interest has boomed proves she's onto a sure thing here.

The photos available to use are some of the most compelling and useful ones I've found. I am still very new to business online, but knowing I have access to Feminine Stock photos has been very helpful and allows me to get creative.
Michele Barilla

Maria is such a fab photographer, she knows how to capture, and re-create high-quality feminine pictures, to match your mood, your style or even that playful gesture you want to bring across, what a talented fashionista, who can capture everything that you want in one go, and that is exactly what her photos represent, beauty, chic feminine pictures. I highly recommend her, what are you waiting for to get your feminine photos? Best wishes Maria on your launch.
There is no one out there doing such amazing work to make sure women have a brilliantly creative place to design from stock photos. Maria has an eye for imagery that can be used in a wide variety of ways and circumstances.  The best part, though?  Her customer service, attention to detail and desire to serve the women in our industry is unmatched.  I feel like a million bucks whenever I utilize her images - and my visual branding has been propelled into powerful new heights.
Femininestock has given me high-quality material to convey my message to my followers. Her Images have inspired me to create.

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In plain English, you are free to use images for both personal and commercial purposes, but you must not resell or redistribute them. Use them on your blog, in printed material, in your theme preview; whatever. Please see the complete image license usage here.

Refund Policy

Feminine Stock offers an unconditional 7 day, money back guarantee. Sign up for the membership and view the photos you want. If you don't like what you see, you have not downloaded more than 3 images and have not made use of any downloaded content., email me at hello(at)femininestock.com for a full refund.